Towards an African Blueprint on Ocean Governance

The first meeting of the Panel of Experts on Ocean Governance for Africa took place last month in South Africa with the aim of addressing some of the most pressing challenges to the African continent such as poverty alleviation, security issues (including food), and the impacts of climate change by tackling existing obstacles related to use of ocean goods and services and putting in place a Roadmap to an African Summit on the Governance of the Oceans.

Participants at the First Ocean Governance Experts Meeting for Africa.

Participants at the First Ocean Governance Experts Meeting for Africa.


Furthermore, the meeting aimed to address the development of a Policy Blueprint for the adoption and implementation of a Blue Economy for Africa, with the aim of helping to ensure a sustainable and productive relationship between the oceans, seas and the African people.

The meeting, which was convened by UNEP, arranged by the Secretariat of the Abidjan Convention and hosted by the International Ocean Institute – Southern Africa (IOI-SA), also resulted in agreement on a Draft Decision which will be put forward for adoption at the upcoming Conference of the Parties for the Abidjan Convention to facilitate engagement with the Roadmap and Policy Blueprint on Ocean Governance. The African Union will also play a significant role in supporting the process ahead, as well as ensuring alignment between the Policy Blueprint on Ocean Governance and the recently adopted AU 2050 African Integrated Maritime Strategy. 

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