South African Eco Film Festival to showcase environmental documentaries

The South African Eco Film Festival is taking place in venues across South Africa from 26 March to 2 April to showcase the world’s best documentary films with environmental themes. The Festival programme includes more than 25 thought-provoking short and feature-length documentaries – 12 of which have never been seen in South Africa before.

South African Eco Film Festival

We think that documentary films are an excellent way of learning about environmental issues, but unfortunately, they tend to be rather neglected on the mainstream cinema circuit,” notes While You Were Sleeping’s Dougie Dudgeon. “We want to share these magnificent and important films with as many South Africans as possible and are proud to announce that this year’s festival will be hosted at four intimate and independent venues:

The documentary films being screened will include: Black Ice, Cowspiracy, (En)Snared, Extinction Soup, Food Forward, Just Eat It, Nature Is Speaking, Real Value, and Trashed.

Eco Kids Film Initiative (EKFI): A new addition in 2015

For Cape Town and Eastern Cape audiences, the Eco Kids Film Initiative (EKFI) is an exciting new addition to the festival programme, featuring films made for – and in some cases even by – children. This year the screenings will be aimed at children aged 3 to 6, 7 to 11 and 12 to 17. The selected films include a mix of documentary and narrative type films, both live-action and animated.

“In order to nurture a social culture that is responsive to youth’s environmental concerns we need to ensure that children are aware of the relevant environmental issues and have a vehicle through which to voice their concerns in a creative and empowering manner. I believe this vehicle should be film”, explains EKFI director Tarien Roux.

South African Eco Film Festival programme, dates and tickets

The 2015 South African Eco Film Festival runs from Thursday the 26th of March until Thursday the 2nd of April. Tickets for the Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg screenings cost R45. For each ticket sold, R5 will be donated to Greenpop, the Cape Town based tree-planting organisation.

The Festival programme and film trailers can be seen here:

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