Reimaging Africa’s future at World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum on Africa starts this month in Cape Town from 3-5 June and will be the largest ever in the region, convening more than 1,250 leaders from business, politics, academia, civil society and the media. The theme of the meeting ‘Then and Now: Reimagining Africa’s Future‘ aims to set the scene for discussions on finding ways to address challenges, enable Africa’s markets, marshal its resources and inspire creativity.

Issues being discussed on the agenda include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), The Future of Technology, Agriculture and Food Security, and Infrastructure, Longterm Investing, and Development.

The meeting will also boast a record 200 young leaders, drawn from the Forum’s community of Global Shapers and Forum of Young Global Leaders In total, over 75 countries will be represented.

“The occasion of our 25th meeting allows us an opportunity to see how far Africa has come economically, socially and politically since 1990. However, what this meeting is really about is looking forward, to see how we can channel the lessons of the past with the creativity, innovation and resourcefulness that comes from all stakeholders working together to solve Africa’s challenges in the present and future,” said Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa, World Economic Forum.

With a programme built upon the three pillars of Enabling Markets, Marshalling Resources and Inspiring Creativity, this year’s meeting will also feature high-level sessions on critical subjects such as migration, combating terrorism and harnessing Africa’s informal economy. Alongside the meeting, the Grow Africa Investment Forum, which runs from 2 to 4 June, will bring together leaders engaged in the Forum-led Grow Africa food security initiative. Another high-level summit will take place focused on mobilizing financing for cross-border infrastructure.

This year’s meeting also boasts a number of innovations, among them Community Conversations, public debates based on the Forum’s popular Davos Open Forum format, in which young people from the city are invited to interact with meeting participants on the key subjects of entrepreneurism and leadership. The meeting will also, for the first time, webcast press conferences and issue briefings live, enabling the public to submit questions on important issues facing Africa’s future.

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