Project Everyone – engaging the world in ensuring a sustainable future

Project Everyone is an ambitious new campaign which aims to share news and information about the global sustainable development goals with 7 billion people around the world – in just 7 days!

#globalgoals and #wehaveaplan

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Freida Pinto and Richard Curtis launch the first ever global cinema ad campaign at Cannes Lions to shine a spotlight on the #globalgoals which will be adopted at the UN this September.

Project Everyone was founded by Richard Curtis (film maker and founder of Comic Relief) and its aim is to make the global sustainable development goals, which world leaders will adopt in September this year, the most famous goals in the world.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address important issues including ending extreme poverty, fighting inequalities and addressing climate change and will guide global development planning until 2030. The SDGs will replace the Millennium Development Goals which have provided a framework for national development agendas for the past 15 years.

The global goals campaign will help ensure that everyone knows about the them, so that they are successfully acted upon. The more people that know about the Goals, the more people will work to ensure global leaders drive change. Building citizen awareness of the 17 Global Goals is the best way to ensure that they are implemented.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

Richard Curtis says: “I would love everyone to get behind the mission to make the Goals famous. We are targeting every website and billboard, every TV and radio station, every cinema, every community, every school and every mobile phone network with the task of carrying a simple message about the Goals for the 7 days after they are launched”. 

Project Everyone in Africa
Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi, Minister of Education from Kenya, signed up schools across his country to take part in the World’s Largest Lesson and committed to teach a lesson on the global goals himself!

The Founding Team of Project Everyone includes, Aviva, Getty Images, Pearson, Standard Chartered and Unilever who have all helped to make the campaign possible, along with action/2015, Akshaya Patra, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Citizen, Google, Huffington Post, ONE, Penguin Random House, Save the Children, SAWA, UNDP, UN Foundation, UNICEF, Universal South Africa, Virgin, Vodafone Foundation, WeTransfer and Wikipedia.

For information about the upcoming Goals follow the hashtag #globalgoals and visit

The Green Africa supports this important campaign – please comment below so we can track how many people are now aware of the Sustainable Development Goals and let us know what goals you are particularly interested in.




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