Meet Africa’s Bicycle Journalists & Watch their Sustainability Films

Three bicycle journalists are travelling across Africa, creating a series of short documentaries that showcase some of the continents’ most inspiring sustainability change makers – entrepreneurs, innovators, conservationists, activists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the future of our planet.

Brothers Russell and Hamish Galt, together with Steven Bland, started their mobile journalism (or “mojo”) expedition in Cape Town in May 2016 and are headed for Addis Ababa, some 15,000 kilometres away. The cycling trio are using mobile phone technology to produce their eco documentaries while they travel – showing again the power of new technology and new media to communicate stories that can spark change in our inter-connected world.

The Mojo Velo team have already cycled through South Africa and Namibia and are now heading through the Caprivi into Zambia. From there they will cycle through Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Below are some of the incredible short films that the Mojo Velo team have produced while cycling through South Africa and Namibia:

Open Streets Mitchell’s Plain 

The Open Streets movement is on the rise around the world – aiming to create more liveable, vibrant, connected communities through repurposing of public spaces. In Cape Town, a citizen-driven initiative is working to change how streets are used, perceived and experienced. Mojo Velo joined Open Streets Mitchell’s Plain to see how people are bridging social divides to reclaim their streets.

Kolmanskop: the fate of modern societies? 

Kolmanskop in Namibia – once an opulent mining town – is a now abandoned and half-covered in sand. MoJo Velo reflect on the eerie parallels between this ghost town and our collective future.

Physically Active Youth

An engaged, educated youth is key to a sustainable future. Physically Active Youth (PAY), based in Katatura, Windhoek, and provides a daily after-school learning environment for local kids. They harness the power of sport to boost young people’s confidence and life chances. PAY alumni include some of the best cyclists in the country – competing internationally and even securing podium finishes.

M&O Decor

Two young female entrepreneurs, Taleni and Aska, have started the company M&O Decor in Windhoek, Namibia. MoJo Velo visited them to see how they have been contributing to a green economy by recycling waste materials into interior design products.

Green Earth Creations 

Mojo Velo visit an up-cycling businesses in Namibia, run by young people who are turning trash to treasure. These eco-entrepreneurs show their passion for eliminating waste and making money through repurposing products into household items.

Dagbreek School

Every year, Recycling Forum Namibia organises a recycling competition for schools nationwide. MoJo Velo visited the 2015 winner, Dagbreek School, which educates children with special needs.

The wild horses of the Namib desert

Over the course of 100 years, the wild horses of the Namib desert have adapted to harsh, dry conditions. However, recent climatic changes now threaten their survival.

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