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In many urban areas of developing countries, waste has become an unmanageable crisis, eroding the already subpar quality of life of the poor. Families resort to informal collection, dumping or burning which clogs drainages, contaminates water and soil, and pollutes air leading to negative health and environmental consequences. Wecyclers offers sustainable and convenient recycling services to households and businesses while creating grassroots jobs and economic partnerships. Our functional and scalable recycling model reduces unmanaged urban waste in low income neighborhoods and provides a reliable supply of materials to the recycling industry. We also empower people in low-income communities by pairing our recycling services with a rewards program.

Wecyclers collects recyclable waste, like plastic bottles, plastic bags, and aluminium cans, using low-cost bicycle-powered collection vehicles called “wecycles” which are designed and manufactured locally. At collection, each household’s materials is weighed and households are rewarded with redeemable points based on the volume and quality of recyclables that they give us. As households accumulate points over time, they can redeem their points for specific rewards like basic household goods, mobile phone minutes, food products, sponsored prizes, educational materials for their children and cash depending on their level of participation making the benefits of recycling tangible.

Wecyclers then adds value (de-labeling, baling, shredding) to the product collected, and sells it to large recyclers, revenue gotten from these sales goes into the business and is used to reward/empower subscribers.

Website: www.wecyclers.com
Email: founders@wecyclers.com
Tel.: +2348188218217
Physical address: 294 Herbert Macaulay way, Sabo-Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria
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