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Tunisia Think Tank Foundation

TTT Foundation-International is a volunteer, nonprofit intellectual and cultural service institution specialized in ‘Applied-Strategic Thinking’ operating under the Tunisian “Associations Decree” (Sept. 2011) and Tunisian Law.

It is a proposals spearhead, tool, channel and space centered over 4 focal areas of interest:
(1) Citizenship and civic values; (2) Society ; (3) the Territory ; et (4) a Sustainable Development model.

Collective interdisciplinary strategic reflection, visions and strategies construction and leadership skills building, and prospecting the country’s future by means of:
– Optimum involvement of Tunisian competencies and societal leaders;
– Empowering women and youth and their insertion in socio-political life;
– Education on citizenship , rule of law, and governance;
– Contributing in sustainable-development and resilience policies elaboration,;
– Enhancing competencies and skills in leadership, strategic planning, prospective, and resilience;
– Fund-raising for a fruitful construction of Tunisia in a hyper-connected and fast-changing world;
– Making proper use of decentralized cooperation opportunities with Tunisia’s friendly nations and parties for strategies, programs and projects sustaining Tunisia’s development transition.

Strategic orientations
TTT concept has been built ovr a three-tier action approach (CommunicationNetworkingPartnership) detailed as follows :
– Interactive and proactive thinking;
– Training, empowerment, resilience and leaders’ insertion;
– Exchange, cooperation and partnership;
– Lobbying and networking;
– Communication and information dissemination.

Strategic inter-thematic Axes
TTT’s 4 areas of focus are inter-thematically and méthodologically structured over :

  1. Prospective and Future studies ;
  2. Empowerment and Resilience ;
  3. Education, Culture and Science ;
  4. Citizenship, Governance and Philanthropism ;
  5. Géopolitics and International Relations ;
  6. Food, Water, Energy, Climante Change and Environment ;
  7. Sustainable Securitye and combatting Terrorism and organized crime ;
  8. Political Thought and Discourse ;
  9. Development Strategies ;
  10. Family, Society and the Dialogue between Cultures.

So far…

TTT’s first pertinent action is the draft’s elaboration of a ‘White paper’ on a new Clean Development Vision for Tunisia in the framework of its development transition, the co-founding (with 7 partner organizations) of a «Civic Coalition for a Clean Development» open to associations, parties and public figures.

Email: tunisia.thinktank.nonprofit@gmail.com
Tel.: +21626305586
Fax.: +21670731085
Physical/postal address: 1 rue Istmaboul, 2080, Tunis-Ariana, Tunisia
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