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Trax Ghana

Trax Ghana is an NGO that works towards food security and poverty reduction, sustainable natural resource management and empowerment of smallholder farmers in the north of Ghana. Trax was established in 1989.

Trax is a demand-driven organization; it starts working in a new community only after a community’s appeal to Trax. Trax’s 5-year engagement in a project zone starts with a participatory needs assessment. After that, it facilitates farmer group formation. In the subsequent years, 24 groups of male and female farmers will receive training in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environmental sustainability, gender equality, alternative livelihoods and community capacity building. Trax currently works in two project zones in the Upper East and two project zones in the Northern Region.

Trax also engages with the future generation of farmers through its projects with rural primary schools. Those are partnered with schools in Europe and all partners engage in knowledge-exchange. The Ghanaian schools are also supported in the areas of education. All schools have for example received an organic vegetable garden in which students can (learn to) cultivate their own crops.

Tel.: +233382022501
Fax.: +233382022301
Physical address: Alhaji Danladi Palace 5, Bolgatanga, Ghana
Postal address: PO BOX 230, 00233 Bolgatanga, Ghana

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