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Nicole Barlow consulting offers a bespoke, professional and independent consulting service within the fields of environmental compliance, auditing, fuel retail sector, public participation and public interest and environmental legal consulting.

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Environmental Law: South Africa has some of the most comprehensive environmental legislation in the world. The challenge however is giving practical effect to that legislation. The understanding and interpretation thereof often brings the government departments into conflict with developers, business and the community. This is where Nicole Barlow consulting plays an important role, with our in-house legal consulting team we provide an independent and objective legal review and consultation service for both the business sector and the community.
Petroleum retail Industry: The petroleum retail sector operates in an environment under financial, competitive and regulatory stress. Often conflicting legal, environmental and regulatory frameworks cause problems with authorisations for fuel filling stations. Our consulting services assist fuel retailers investigate and interrogate the processes followed that result in authorisations being challenged.
Environmental auditing: Environmental auditing is an essential tool for evaluating the effectiveness of existing environmental management systems, checking whether the organisation is operating in an environmentally responsible manner. The organisation should comply with environmental legislation and all internal environmental policies. In addition, environmental auditing can interrogate whether correct processes where followed in obtaining various environmental authorisations.
Public Participation: The “Public participation process” in relation to the assessment of the environmental impact of any application for an environmental authorisation, is defined in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act 107 of 1998) (NEMA) as a process by which potential interested and affected parties are given an opportunity to comment on, or raise issues relevant to, the application”. Although public participation is legislated it is often overlooked or merely given lip service, however, it’s a vital part of the process and should ideally be run by consultants that specialise therein.

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