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Local Ocean Trust Kenya A private, not for profit organisation committed to the protection of Kenya’s marine environment, Local Ocean Trust undertakes practical conservation, research, education and community outreach.

The organisation focuses its efforts around sea turtles through its flagship programme ‘Watamu Turtle Watch’. This programme monitors and protects nesting females and their eggs, rescues turtles accidentally caught by local fishermen, and runs the only sea turtle rehabilitation centre on the East African seaboard.

Local Ocean Trust boasts a strong marine education programme with 30 local schools visiting the organisation’s Marine Information Centre each term. Students receive a lecture on marine environment topics such as marine pollution, marine protected areas, endangered species, marine ecosystems etc. Practical conservation also forms part of this programme with students participating in mangrove restoration and beach clean ups.

The organisation is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for Kenya’s marine resources and works closely with the local community. There are 21 community groups which benefit from the support of Local Ocean Trust’s Community Liaison Officers. These groups include Beach Management Units and alternative income generating projects which reduce the pressure on an already over exploited marine environment.

Local Ocean Trust also runs an EcoVisitor programme which provides visitors with accommodation and the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the organisation’s work. 

Website: www.watamuturtles.com
Email: info@watamuturtles.com
Physical address: Plot 203, Watamu, Kilifi County, Kenya
Postal address: PO Box 125, Watamu, 80202, Kenya
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