Green Earth Zambia


Green Earth ZambiaGreen Earth Zambia (GEZ) is an environmental Non-Governmental Organisation whose vision is to have a proactive society that will respond effectively and efficiently to the effects of climate change on livelihoods. GEZ contributes to government’s efforts in promoting environmental sustainability and  improved standard of living for all through the mission statement which is “To promote an enabling environment for decision-making so as to contribute to social and economic development as well as ecological integrity by providing various tools for mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change on the Zambian society”. Green Earth Zambia works with various stakeholders from the mobilisation of grassroot communities to policy engagement with decision makers in order to provide effective link at all levels of sustainable development in addition, GEZ makes use of collaborative platforms of networking with other ngos both locally and internationally. 

Postal address: P.O Box 32750, Lusaka, Zambia
Physical address: Plot 29/60 Kabanana site and Service, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel.: +260 977495035
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