The Global SCP Clearinghouse


Sustainable Production & Consumption Clearinghouse

The Global SCP Clearinghouse is a unique one-stop hub dedicated to Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Convened by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), this platform brings together government, business, research institutions, civil society and a host of other SCP stakeholders to exchange information, find collaboration opportunities, and expose the work they are doing to a truly international audience.

With an entire community dedicated to SCP in Africa, the Global SCP Clearinghouse can provide important visibility to the innovative work being done across the region, through this United Nations platform. The members of the Green Africa Directory have an opportunity to be crucial actors in the shift towards SCP, and we hope that this platform can help spread your messages.

You can take a moment to register on the platform here, at which point you can explore the available tools and see how the Global SCP Clearinghouse can best help showcase your projects.

The team of the Global SCP Clearinghouse looks forward to seeing your work, you are only one click away!

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