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FindaLift changes the way people travel and lets them rethink their travel decisions. FindaLift builds carpooling communities. It is a movement that is encouraging and enabling South African’s to make better use of cars, making carpooling easy to arrange. Sharing journeys reduce Co2 and the cost of motoring while freeing parking space and easing congestion.

For Public offers a free online platform that allows members of the public to register, add their journeys and be matched with others travelling their way, building a national carpooling network. Using mathematical algorithms and displaying matches on an online map, users can instantly and securely see what their travel options are.

For Business
The programme can be customised for organisations, universities, green buildings, nodes and other communities who wish to travel together. A customised carpool programme gives restricted access to certain users and enables environmental reporting and monitoring. Ongoing support and marketing guidance is given by FindaLift to encourage behavioural change, uptake and maximising results.

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