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Environment Africa is an African rooted not for profit organisation with over 23 years of African experience in responding to the needs of all African people and our environment. We believe that we have to focus on African solutions for the most pressing environment and development challenges, working with conservation and communities in a collaborative, innovative and action orientated way that promotes a sustainable future for Africa. Through our work, we know that sustainable development, together with conservation and communities, is key to addressing some of Africa’s challenges such as sustainable livelihoods, climate change, environmental governance and biodiversity, are the priority areas for Environment Africa. Environment Africa is committed to excellence, transparency and accountability in delivering our work, responding to the needs of the people and our environment, taking care of our staff and in working together with our partners, communities and all sectors of society for long term solutions. The thrust is Moving from Aid to Trade. Environment Africa is a Southern African organization based regionally and represented internationally.

Website: www.environmentafrica.org
Email: info@environmentafrica.org
Tel.: +263 712408864
Physical address: 76 Queen Elizabeth Road, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe
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