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community initiatives for biodiversity conservation uganda

Community Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation (CIBC) is a community-based organisation, founded by Mr. Tusingwire John Bosco and other community members in 2012. CIBC is has registration no 271/2012 as a Community Based Organisation and a company limited by guarantee (no share capital), registration no. 162266, with the government of Uganda. Its aim is to improve the livelihoods of marginalized rural people through activities that contribute to biodiversity, conservation, nutrition, food security, income and social economic development within communities surrounding Bwindi National Park.

It was formed to contribute to the conservation of the mountain gorillas and other biodiversity of Bwindi National Park by developing and promoting use of sustainable community organic agriculture as well as combating malnutrition, hunger and poverty.

Our mission trains women, youth, including some living with HIV/AIDS and indigenous Batwa Pigmies, in mushroom, vegetable and piggery production for food security, nutrition and income generation. We enhance biodiversity and conservation awareness through agro-tourism education and farmer-to-farmer outreach. We develop access to markets for our products outside our local community and form partnerships with other organisations pursuing similar programs.

The Bwindi forest provided the native people’s livelihood before becoming a national park in 1991. Hope that gorilla tourism would bring local development and jobs proved false as poverty instead increased (Blomley, Sandbrook: 2010). People living near the park are less educated with greater disease risk from poor sanitation and nutrition (IIED, Gordon-Maclean: 2013). Improving subsistence agriculture for food security and poverty alleviation enhances environmental security (Korbee: 2007).

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