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Awamu Biogas

Awamu Biomass Energy is a for-profit social and environmental enterprise that focuses on the manufacture and distribution of the clean burning Top-Lit Up Draft (TLUD) gasifier stoves and processed biomass fuels in Uganda. We are a spin-off for the World Bank-funded BEIA project which concluded that there was market for gasifier stoves in Uganda in 2011. Awamu was created to meet this demand.

Gasifier is a biomass stove that start within 3 minutes and cook faster than traditional wood stoves, is 90% smoke free and produces less greenhouse emissions because of woodgas created and burnt off by the stove, is 50% energy efficient, requires no attention to fire while cooking because they are batch-fed, use little biomass fuels, can use a variety of residual biomass fuels and makes charcoal as a by-product which can be used for further cooking or sold off to earn income.

Tel.: +256-776-346724
Physical address: St. Noah Church, Makerere West, Kampala, Uganda
Postal address: PO Box 40127, Kampala, Uganda
Skype: @nolbertm
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