Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo)



The Alliance Nationale des Consommateurs et de l’Environnement (ANCE-Togo) is registered at the Ministry of Interior and Security of Togo under Nr 3228 of September 3, 1999 and is recognized under Nr 0290/MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA of May 21, 2010 by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralisation and Local Government of Togo.

Our vision is to promote health, environment and human development by building a poverty-free Togo. Our mission is to promote sustainable development in Togo through adequacy consumption-protection of environment and optimization of know-how of local communities and local resources.

We develop and implement biodiversity and conservation projects in Togo since 1999. We implement projects on mangrove conservation, marine turtle conservation, fighting against illicit trade of wildlife species and illegal timber.

Our activities include, capacity building and empowering of local communities, lobbying and advocacy and policy research. We develop and maintain fruitful collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including ministries, national assembly and the medias.

Tel.: +22822513415
Fax.: +22822253576
Skype: ebeh.kodjo.fabrice
Physical address: Résidence Sitto, Rue N°10, Imm.203, Lome, Togo
Postal address: 08 BP 80925, Lome, Togo

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