10YFP (10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production)


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The 10YFP is not an ‘organization’, a ‘project’, or a ‘thing’. The 10YFP is a network of organizations working together to implement more sustainable modes of consumption and production across the world.

The 10YFP has a powerful international mandate from member states at the Rio+20 Conference, and six thematic and sectoral programmes – Public Procurement, Consumer Information, Lifestyles & Education, Tourism, Buildings & Construction, Food – are leading the way through project implementation on the ground.

The 10YFP derives its strength from the growing portfolio of activities of anchored in these programmes. Want to take part? Find out the best fit for you: 

Website: www.scpclearinghouse.org/what-10yfp-0
Email: andrew.schmidt.affiliate@unep.org
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