Hollywood climate change documentary: Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously, a groundbreaking documentary series, harnesses the power of prominent hollywood celebrities and journalists – to explore the human impacts of climate change and bring you intimate stories of triumph and tragedy. Years of Living Dangerously takes you directly to the heart of the story in this awe-inspiring and cinematic documentary series.

Years of Living Dangerously_UNEP

The film’s executive producers include James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Daniel Abbasi. Years of Living Dangerously combines the blockbuster storytelling styles of Hollywood’s top movies with the reporting expertise of co-creators Joel Bach and David Gelber to reveal critical stories of heartbreak, hope and heroism as the race to save the planet continues.

The series features celebrity correspondents – including UNEP Goodwill Ambassadors Don Cheadle and Ian Somerhalder – who travel the globe to speak with people affected by, and seeking solutions to, climate change. Other correspondents in the series include Jessica Alba, Mark Bittman, Matt Damon, America Ferrera, Harrison Ford, Thomas Friedman, Michael C. Hall, Chris Hayes, Olivia Munn, M. Sanjayan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lesley Stahl.

Throughout the nine episode series, each correspondent delves into a different impact of climate change – from the damage wrought by Superstorm Sandy to political upheaval caused by droughts in the Middle East to the dangerous level of carbon emissions resulting from deforestation in Indonesia.

The project portrays the current and intensifying effects of climate change on everyday people and demonstrates how they can take action and be part of the solution.

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