Green Energy Summer School now also includes focus on bioenergy

The Green Energy Summer School (GESS) takes place annually in Berlin, Germany, and is organised by the Renewables Academy (RENAC). This year, in addition to its focus on providing an overview of renewable energy technologies, grid connected and off-grid photovoltaics and energy efficiency in industry and buildings – it will also organise a week exclusively dedicated to introducing bioenergy (biogas, solid biomass and biofuels). 

green energy summer school 2015

The bioenergy component will focus on bioenergy systems – including bioenergy resources, conversion technologies (including cogeneration) and end products. The training will incorporate plant design, economics as well as supporting schemes and project management issues.

Furthermore, GESS 2015 will also be offered in France in cooperation with the National Solar Energy Institute (INES) – taught in French. The course in Berlin will be taught in English – providing participants with the opportunity to select the language that they are most comfortable in.

renewable energy training_RENACThe Green Energy Summer School (GESS) 2015 will run from 17 August to 4 September. Participants can choose to attend for one, two or three weeks, depending on their interests. 

With last year’s trainings fully booked by participants from 18 countries, the Green Energy Summer School is one of RENAC’s most wanted Open Trainings. GESS combines theoretical content with practical exercises at the RENAC Training Centre, together with site visits. It also provides an opportunity to networking with fellow students from around the world.

The Renewables Academy (RENAC) is an international provider of education and training in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Following its foundation in January 2008, over 4,500 participants from more than 135 countries worldwide have benefited from their expertise in technology, financing, management and economics of a green energy supply.

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