#GivingTuesday helps create change through philanthropy

Today marks the 3rd annual celebration of #GivingTuesday – a global campaign which aims to encourage people and organisations to be part of creating change through philantropy. Giving can be through advocacy, raising your voice, donations to a specific cause, or offering your time and expertise. #GivingTuesday is premised on the belief that each of us has a role in helping to solve challenges at both local and global levels and that together, through collaboration, we can help change the world.

#GivingTuesday in Africa

How to get involved in #GivingTuesday in Africa

In Africa, there are a wealth of organisations working hard to protect the environment and integrate sustainability principles into development activities to ensure a prosperous future for all people. You can get involved in #GivingTuesday in Africa by showing your support for these organisations –  either getting involved in charitable activities, volunteering your time and resources, or through advocacy to support non-profit organizations. The Green Africa Directory profiles over 1400 organisations across the coninent that are involved in environmental sustainability work – search our online directory for organisations and non-profits in your area.

You can also get involved in #GivingTuesday through sharing your activities via social media:
– Like their Facebook page – www.facebook.com/GivingTuesday
– Follow them on Twitter @GivingTues and use the #GivingTuesday hashtag
– Follow them on Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/givingtuesday/giving-quotes/
– Use the #UNselfie hashtag to talk about how you are giving and why

#GivingTuesday – how it began

New York’s 92nd Street Y was the catalyst and incubator for #GivingTuesday, bringing the expertise of 140 years of community-management to the project and providing #GivingTuesday a home. The United Nations Foundation joined as partners, bringing their strategic and communications clout to the project. An amazing team of influencers then offered their ideas, contacts and wisdom to help shape and improve the concept. A powerful list of corporations and non-profits agreed to be founding partners, helping spread the word and committing to their own #GivingTuesday initiatives. Since then, countless organizations, friends and leaders have all added their support and talents to make #GivingTuesday a reality.

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