Twitter Chat: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security & Food Waste in Africa

Event date: 17 September 2014 - 17 September 2014

Date: Wednesday 17 September 2014
Time: 14h30 – 15h30 SAST
How to participate: Join us on Twitter (@GreenAfricaDir) for this online discussion and follow the hashtag #GreenAfricaNow to follow the conversation

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Background: Close to 1 billion people globally are food insecure. The world’s population is estimated to surpass 9 billion people by 2015 and with it, the demand for agricultural products is expected to double. At the same time, agricultural systems are facing increasing pressure and challenges associated with water scarcity, climate change, and the loss of ecosystem services.

Furthermore, up to one third of all food is wasted or lost along the food production and supply chain, which represents significant wastage of embodied labour, water, energy, land and other inputs.

Through collaboration – governments, companies, farmers, innovators, consumers – can set priorities and implement plans and policies to ensure sustainable agricultural methods, sustainable supply chains and productivity to meet the world’s growing food and health needs. 

Technology, new media and social media can help organizations raise awareness and communicate messages to enhance positive behavior change for sustainable agriculture and food systems. They also provide useful tools for tracking, implementing and scaling sustainable agriculture and food systems and enabling collaboration.

Discussion questions: The following questions will be discussed during the Twitter Chat. Please feel free to tweet us your answers ahead of time by including the #GreenAfricaNow hashtag in your posts.

  • Q1: How would you define sustainable agriculture and food security?
  • Q2: What are some of the challenges to achieving sustainable agriculture and food security in Africa?
  • Q3: Do you know of innovative and successful examples of sustainable agriculture in Africa?
  • Q4: How can new media and technology help create impact, raise awareness and create partnerships for sustainable agriculture in Africa?
  • Q5: What social media campaigns have been effective at creating impact and awareness for sustainable agriculture and food security in Africa?
  • Q6: What commitment are you making to support sustainable agriculture in Africa? Tweet us “I am ___ towards sustainable agriculture in Africa #GreenAfricaNow #SocialGood