Powering Africa: Tanzania

Event date: 13 November 2014 - 14 November 2014

Venue: Hyatt Hotel
City: Dar es Salaam
Country: Tanzania
Register: Powering Africa: Tanzania

Description: EnergyNet are delighted to present the 2nd annual Powering Africa: Tanzania meeting, to be held at the Hyatt hotel in Dar es Salaam. Following on from the success of the January meeting, senior officials from TANESCO, EWURA and the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange invite regional and international power experts to join them in timely discussions regarding the future role of the recently unbundled state utility TANESCO. The agenda topics will explore the evolving political and regulatory landscape to help present sustainable solutions for harnessing Tanzania’s natural resources, in order to meet the rapid domestic and regional energy demands.

Powering Africa: Tanzania will take place from 13-14th November 2014. To be added to our mailing list or for more information, please email mimi.oyelana@energynet.co.uk