Natural Earth Building Workshop

Event date: 25 October 2014 - 31 October 2014

Venue: Khula Dhamma Retreat Centre and Eco Farm
City: Haga Haga, just outside East London
Country: South Africa
Register: Natural Earth Building Workshop

Khula Dhamma EcoCommunity

Description: Let us take the ground out from under your feet and teach you how to turn it into your dream home! This workshop, based on a beautiful, off-grid Eco Farm and Retreat Centre, is a comprehensive introduction to many of the basic skills involved in constructing your very own natural earth building and sustainable future. Explore the wonderful secrets of soil combined with practical building skills alongside the Mudman, founder of the Natural Earth Building Collective and your facilitator, Peter McIntosh. This will be an incredible experience not to be missed especially by those interested in lightening their footprint and living more naturally.