#EnviroEd Twitter Chat: What is the future of sustainability education in a changing world?

Event date: 4 July 2018 - 4 July 2018

Date: Wednesday 4 July 2018
Time: 3pm SAST / 2pm GMT+1 / 9am ET (30 minute chat)
Host: @GreenAfricaDir
Hashtag: #EnviroEd

Description: Students around the world are looking for ways in which their education can best equip them with the knowledge, skills and experience to play meaningful roles in society and secure them inspiring and purposeful jobs in a fast changing world.

The importance of the future of sustainability in education can be seen in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, global youth unemployment rates, rising levels of inequality, the Global Goals (which are meant to guide our development until 2030) and other global mega-trends such as climate change and automation.

In the face of these global challenges are opportunities for education to cultivate leadership and communication skills; to encourage effective partnerships and collaboration; and to ignite innovative, adaptive and integrated solutions – that empower people to contribute towards an inclusive, resilient and sustainable future.

Join @GreenAfricaDir along with the University of Aberdeen (@MSc_EPM)  and other organisations to discuss these exciting topics, using the hashtag #EnviroEd at 15h00 SAST on Wednesday 4 July 2018. We look forward to chatting with you!

Questions which we will be discussing:

  • Q1: Why are you passionate about learning about sustainability or working in the sustainability sector? What are your career objectives and sense of purpose? #EnviroEd
  • Q2: What skills do you think are most relevant to equip future leaders who are interested in working in the environmental & sustainability sector? #EnviroEd
  • Q3: What sustainability courses/degrees have you taken that you would recommend – or which are you interested in doing? #EnviroEd
  • Q4: Why is the ability to create partnerships and effectively collaborate such important skills for sustainability professionals? #EnviroEd
  • Q5: How are businesses, communities and NGOs effectively engaging & partnering with students/graduates to create future sustainability leaders? #EnviroEd
  • Q6: What do you think is the future of sustainability education? What types of skills, training, courses or other initiatives would you like to see more of? #EnviroEd
  • Q7: How do you think technology can be used to enhance collaboration? And how can it make education more integrated, accessible and relevant? #EnviroEd
  • Q8: Why is learning about the #GlobalGoals so critical for students and sustainability professionals around the world? #EnviroEd
  • Q9: What are the benefits of studying a Masters degree in a foreign country? #EnviroEd