eThekwini Municipality Developing a Collaborative City-wide Climate Change Strategy

The eThekwini Municipality in Durban, South Africa, is embarking on an participatory process to develop a city-wide climate change strategy that will address both mitigation and adaptation interventions. 
Durban climate change strategy

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Durban’s honourable Mayor James Nxumalo says, “We are pleased to announce the launch of an inclusive process to develop a climate change strategy for eThekwini Municipality. Climate change will affect us all, from the business owner to the subsistence farmer. Increasing our resilience to the predicted changes in climate and investing in the green economy will help us to live up to our goal of being Africa’s most caring and liveable city”.

The aim of the Durban Climate Change Strategy is to provide guidance for the eThekwini Municipality, and various sectors and communities within the eThekwini Municipal Area, on how to best mitigate against and prepare Durban for inevitable climate change impacts. The strategy will need to be developed, and ultimately implemented by all sectors of Durban’s community

Derek Morgan, Senior Manager of the Energy Office says, “A greenhouse gas inventory for the 2010 year revealed that the highest contributors to the City’s carbon footprint were from the transport and industrial sectors. It is important that these areas are prioritised to reduce emissions in the city. Furthermore it is important that all sectors realise that they can assist in reducing the amount of carbon emissions that are emitted. The Durban Climate Change Strategy will include a practical list of activities that each sector can engage in.” 

Dr. Debra Roberts, Deputy Head of the Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department at eThekwini Municipality adds, “Globally, we know that it is already too late to prevent climate change. Human induced climate change is already happening and will continue to do so – for hundreds and possibly thousands of years – even if we stopped producing greenhouse gases with immediate effect. We must therefore begin to adapt to the inevitable changes that will result. We know that in Durban, the poorest of our people will be the most at risk from these changes, and we need to assist them with adapting to climate change. The Durban Climate Change Strategy will bring together ideas from different sectors, and engage with vulnerable communities to establish where their concerns lie, and prioritise adaptation measures that ensure that the municipal vision can still be met under climate change conditions.”

In order to develop the Durban Climate Change Strategy, the Municipality has proposed an inclusive and participatory process so that the views of all stakeholders in the eThekwini Municipal Area are incorporated into the strategy. 

“The success of the Durban Climate Change Strategy will depend on how inclusive the process is, so that all voices of our City are represented and heard. We therefore encourage all citizens to register on the Durban Climate Change Strategy stakeholder database”, says the Honourable Mayor James Nxumalo. 

EThekwini Municipality invites all interested and affected parties to register on the project database at to receive regular updates and correspondence on the project progress. Interested parties without access to the internet can sms the keyword DCCS, followed be their name and cell phone number to 31022 to register as a stakeholder. Sms’s are charged at standard rates. Stakeholders can also provide initial input by completing a short questionnaire on the Durban Climate Change Strategy website.

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