Egyptian Bio Boat: Floating Classroom for Environmental Education

An Egyptian Bio Boat has been conceptualized as a floating classroom that will be used for environmental education along the Red Sea. The Bio Boat is the idea of the environmental organization, Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA), and is receiving co-funding from the U.S. Forest Service.

Egyptian Bio Boat_HEPCA

Photos courtesy of: HEPCA


HEPCA’s vision for the Bio Boat is for it to provide access to a hands-on, interactive and fun learning environment for children in Egypt.  It aims to create an atmosphere where students can become excited about conservation and gain a true appreciation for the biodiversity of the Red Sea. 
The Bio Boat will be powered by solar and wind energy, will be carbon neutral and will have a living green roof – teaching children about the importance of integrating sustainability into every aspect of living and raising awareness about self-sufficiency, sustainable lifestyles and environmental stewardship.
floating classroom_environmental education_Red Sea

Photo courtesy of: HEPCA


On-board the Bio Boat, students will be able to explore the microscopic world around them in a hands-on setting. Dedicated personal will provide lively and interactive lessons, aided by science equipment and the latest multi-media tools.
The vessel will serve as a dolphin watching platform while based at the Samadai Preserve. A living “green roof” will also provide the chance to observe the various migratory birds that cross this route. 
The boat has been designed as an environmental friendly vessel. Completely carbon neutral, the energy needs are provided by solar panels and a wind turbine.
Bio Boat_HEPCA Egypt

Photo courtesy of: HEPCA


These photos provided are just proposed architectural designs for the Bio Boat and subject to change.

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