CAN DO! Trekking for Trash Completes 3300km Journey along South Africa’s Coast

The CAN DO! Trekking for Trash team, Camilla Howard and Michael Baretta, have completed their epic journey around South Africa’s coastline which took 7 months and spanned over 3300 kilometers – showing that two people can make a significant impact and influence the behavior of thousands of other South Africans. 

Trekking for Trash


These social change adventurers started their journey in Alexander Bay (Northern Cape) and finished last month in Kosi Bay (KwaZulu Natal). The aim of the CAN DO! Trekking for Trash campaign was to raise awareness, educate people and inspire change towards a cleaner South Africa.

The Trekking for Trash duo did just that – collecting a total of 7155kg of litter along their journey, visiting 15 schools across the country to engage with leaners and local communities about the importance of looking after the environment by eliminating litter, and hosting 6 community beach cleanups


Camilla Howard_Trekking for Trash

Coastal litter_South Africa


Michael Baretta says that the best thing about the journey “was being exposed to so many different people every day. Their views, comments and actions keep influencing my frame of reference and making me a richer person.” One of the team’s highlights was also meeting and spending time with Kingsley Holgate at his home in Zinkwazi.

These ambassadors for change have new adventures on the horizon. Michael has started his own sponsorship and marketing agency that specialises in pairing organisations and individuals that aim to ‘do good’, with corporate sponsors. Camilla is heading off to the south of France to work for two months and it seems there is potentially another mountain trek on the cards.

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