New coalition urges action to save coral reefs

A new coalition of inter-governmental organizations, international conservation organizations, and private foundations is converging in Egypt this week to send a message about the need for bold leadership to save coral reefs from near-extinction by mid-century.


Representatives from more

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UN Environment convenes world’s insurers to assess intensifying climate change impacts

UN Environment’s Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) has announced a partnership with 16 of the world’s largest insurers – representing around 10% of world premium and USD 5 trillion in assets under management – to develop a new generation of risk

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RENAC and IFC partner to green the banking sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

RENAC and IFC partnership

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The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group and the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC), an international training provider for green energy technologies, today signed a cooperation agreement to support green banking in …

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Billions to be gained in coral reef investment, new analysis shows

A new report, The Coral Reef Economy, has found that there are billions to be gained in investing in coral reef protection, preservation and enhancement. The report focused on two of the world’s major coral reef areas: the

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Health and environment: shaping a better future together in Africa

Shaping a better future together in Africa was discussed in the context of identifying emerging environmental threats to people’s health at the the Third Inter-ministerial Conference on Health and Environment in Libreville, Gabon, this month. African Ministers of health and

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Cities threatened by climate hazards if global greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked

impacts of climate change

According to research, billions of people in thousands of cities around the world will be at risk from climate-related heatwaves, drought, flooding, food shortages, blackouts and social inequality by mid-century without bold and urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Tracking progress on cutting food waste and losses

food security

In 2015, countries committed to the Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, calling on the world to cut food waste and losses in half by 2030. To put this goal in context – according to the FAO, one-third of the

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How an eco-innovation is helping Africa’s most vulnerable

Welcome to Bidibidi

Every day, tens of thousands of people flee their homes to escape conflict and persecution. There are now more registered refugees in the world than there are citizens of the United Kingdom. From Turkey to Tanzania, sprawling …

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“How to get rid of your diesel generator! Should you really?”

Generator hybrid RENAC
Mini-grids powered by renewable energies will play an important role in extending, enhancing and greening electricity services in remote or yet unserved regions. The frequently used phrase “powered by renewable energies” implies a fully renewable energy system without fossil fuel powered generators. Your initial reaction would probably be: “Yes! Finally I can get rid of my thirsty, noisy and dirty fuel guzzler!” Let’s find out if you really should and register for the content-based free live webinar.
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UN and Google collaborate to protect our planet

marine ecosystems
UN Environment and Google have announced a global partnership that promises to change the way we see our planet. Combining environmental science, big data and unprecedented accessibility, this joint effort aims to expand what the world knows about the impacts of human activity on global ecosystems.
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