Vision & Goal

The Green Africa Directory is the first online pan-African green networking directory. The Green Africa Directory aims to be Africa’s leading repository of green organizations and information and to connect the sustainability movement in Africa.
As a central green hub for Africa – linking people, business, industry, government and academia and promoting green initiatives and activities throughout Africa – the Green Africa Directory aims to inspire action for sustainability, raise awareness and provide a green networking platform that facilitates interaction, collaboration and the sharing of ideas and solutions.
The overriding aim of the Green Africa Directory is to ensure a future for Africa, its ecosystems and its people, that is rooted in and permeated by sustainability at all levels, in all decision-making and across all sectors of society, business, industry and government. Social, cultural and economic prosperity is inextricably bounded by and reliant upon the natural environment – so by conserving natural systems and mainstreaming environmental sustainability – well-being, poverty-alleviation, more resilient societies, a transition to green economies and long-term sustainability can be achieved.
The Green Africa Directory believes that each of us makes a difference to the world every day; and many of us are able to choose how we live, what we buy, what we support and what products and services we use – and are able to question what impact our decisions and actions have on the environment, society, economies and on the current and future state of life on Earth. Our daily decisions hold much power and influence – therefore, Green Africa Directory aims to provide information to enhance and inspire greener decision-making and behavior.
Green Africa Directory sees the need to enhance human well-being and capacity to deal with complex environmental issues and change – for the sustainable co-existence of humans with the earth. Effective sustainability solutions require recognizing the complex dynamic between human activity and its impacts on sustainability (environmental, social, cultural and economic) in implementing activities that address the needs of both humans and the environment.
Green Africa Directory focuses on Africa as a region rather than any one specific country, because just as nature relies on interconnections for existence, so too in Africa are challenges and solutions often interconnected.