Will you be my GREEN Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you planning to celebrate with your loved one today? Why not celebrate LOVE and the ENVIRONMENT this year. Below are some green options for celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2013:

be my green valentine

Upcycled and Electronic Valentine’s Day Cards

Did you know that around one billion cards are given on Valentine’s Day alone? Paper comes from trees, so your card could be contributing to deforestation and increased waste. Instead of buying a card, why not upcycle some of the waste paper in your house to make a personalized card.

Alternatively send an e-card: the Jane Goodall Institute has a range of valentine’s day e-cards featuring chimpanzees from JGI’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo.

CHIMPLY Valentines Day

Select and send your favorite Valentine’s Day e-card from the Jane Goodall Institute. Photo: Jane Goodall Institute.


A personal favorite card alternative, which can also be quite romantic: if you’re at the beach or in a garden, try writing a love note in the sand. If however, you do get a card custom printed, select a green printer.

Gift ideas

Consider the environment before buying a valentines day gift and remember that unnecessary consumption doesn’t bring happiness – time shared with loved ones does. So ditch the idea of a gift and get creative instead – like giving your partner a massage.

If you have to get a gift, consider second hand, upcycled and recycled items. There are also many delicious organic and fair trade chocolates to choose from. If you are planning to buy your partner flowers, consider buying an indigenous plant instead of cut flowers.

protea bush

How to celebrate

Typically couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by going out for a meal at a restaurant or by spoiling each other with a home-cooked meal. Why not make it a vegetarian or vegan restaurant or meal? If you’re planning to cook at home, select local and organic ingredients and organic wine or juices. Using beeswax candles will add a romantic touch without breathing in toxic fumes.

Another option is to visit a nearby beach, park or mountain for a romantic walk or hike – celebrating each other and nature’s beauty.

Green Valentines Heart

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