Voices from the Corridor – May 29th at Resilient Cities

What would you do to save the world? ICLEI asks Resilient Cities attendants one simple question. See what answers they come up with.

Elly Tartati Ratni“I would become Wonderwoman so that I could make everyone think globally and act locally”
– Elly Tartati Ratni, Head of Development Resources, Blitar City, Indonesia




Anthony Socci

“Create a lottery that gives everyone the chance to hold political office”

– Anthony Socci, Senior Adviser on International Climate and Energy, Washington DC, United States




Carly Silverman“I would try to make people understand each other better, to build the community”

– Carly Silverman, Student, University of Edinburgh, Scotland




Tejas Shah

“As many things as possible to prevent climate change from impacting people’s health”

– Tejas Shah, Deputy Health Officer, Ahmedabad Municipality, India




Sanandan Tiwari“Stop using a car and flying around”

– Sunandan Tiwari, Deputy Director, ICLEI South Asia Secretariat, India




Jonas P Svensson

“I would like to educate everyone on the forces behind photosynthesis”

– Jonas P Svensson, Senior Advisor, Atkins, Sweden




“Everything needed.”
– Owe Pettersson, Chief Operational Officer (COO)Plantagon International AB, Sweden

“Talk to people”
– Fernanda Del Lama, Student, Fachhochschule, Cologne, Germany

“One thing we lack is awareness that humanity as a whole has common problems and interests. We therefore need a common understanding of humanity.”
– SemuMoges, Professor, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Interviewed by Tim Isaksson
Student, Lund University

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