US $20.1 Million Grant to Support Clean Energy in the Comoros

Grant funding totaling US $20.1 million will be used to support clean energy development in the Comoros, as part of the Government’s program to improve performance and promote energy sector development. The Comoros Energy Sector Support Project, which will be implemented in the country’s three main islands (Grande Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli), will receiving the funding from the African Development Bank and the Fragile States Facility (with co-financing from the World Bank) to finance the rebuilding the country’s electricity sector.

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The project aims to address the unreliable power supply sector through improved production capacity, reduced technical and commercial losses and putting emphasis on energy-sector capacity building. The implementation of this project in 38 months is also a major step towards providing the Union of the Comoros with the studies required to tap its renewable energy potential, thereby laying the foundation for green growth in a fragile state. It also aims to rehabilitate production facilities in the three islands, help improve financial governance through capacity building in the electricity sub-sector, and support the preparation of quality-at-entry of future renewable energy projects by conducting appropriate studies.

The components of the project include: (i) support for rehabilitation and technical implementation; (ii) energy mix; (iii) energy efficiency; and (iv) capacity building.

This project will complement the strategy of the Vice-Presidency of the Union of the Comoros in charge of Energy, which has defined strategies for implementing the development policy for the electricity and petroleum products sector aimed particularly at increasing the electrification rate and achieving a 40% reduction in the cost of electricity production by 2015 from the 2012 level.

For its part, the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for 2011-2015 places the AfDB Group’s assistance to the Comoros uniquely on a single pillar centred on energy sector development and economic support diversification. The CSP also includes strengthening the renewable energy sector, which it deems necessary for improving the competitiveness of the Comoros. Increased exploitation of the renewable energy potential as part of a sustainable energy policy is identified in the CSP as a leverage that could help promote economic development by reducing the production cost and price of electricity.

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