UNEP launches South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism

The South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism is an online interactive portal launched today by UNEP that aims to improve access to information, best practices, methodologies, advisory services and training opportunities that can enable communities to better manage their natural resources and local environments.

The South-South Cooperation (SSC) Exchange Mechanism website was launched today during the 17th session of the United Nations High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation in New York. Governments, NGOs, research centres, civil society, academics, and others working on environmental issues in developing countries are invited to submit content to the database and share their expertise and experiences with peers.

The role of South-South Cooperation and the SSC Exchange Mechanism

South-South co-operation is an essential crosscutting mechanism fostering the exchange of technology, skills, resources and information between governments, organizations and individuals in the developing world and is increasingly seen as a cornerstone of sustainable development. The SSC Exchange Mechanism is being implemented as part of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building: a UN-approved approach to assisting developing countries and an umbrella framework for “coherent, coordinated and effective delivery of environmental capacity-building and technical support activities” in response to well-defined country priorities and needs.

This new initiative is the latest development in UNEP’s ongoing efforts to support South-South cooperation and capacity-building”, said Amina Mohamed, UNEP Deputy Executive Director at the launch of the exchange mechanism in New York.” Central among these is UNEP’s green economy initiative, which has assisted and encouraged developing countries to embed sustainability within their national economies– from organic agriculture in Cuba to solar energy in Barbados. These are projects which have the potential to be scaled-up and replicated elsewhere in the global South.”

For more information
The UNEP South-South Cooperation Exchange Mechanism
The Global South-South Development Expo (GSSD Expo) 19-23 November 2012

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