Twitter handles to follow for climate change updates on Africa

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great places to learn, engage and share information and news about climate change. They can be used to promote and share climate change solutions, the latest climate change research and findings, empower people to take action on climate change and even influence changes in behaviour and public opinion. And social media can be used to create social good by connecting people and organisations and facilitating collaboration.



We’ve curated a few Twitter handles to follow for climate change updates on Africa below. Suggestions for inclusion in this list are welcome in the comments section at the end of this blog.

Climate change research in Africa

– MAPS Programme
– SouthSouthNorth
– CSAG at the University of Cape Town
–  CGIAR Climate Change East Africa
– ClimDev Africa
– Future Climate for Africa

Climate change news

– AfriCAN Climate
– Eldis Climate Updates

Climate change networks and associations in Africa

– AAKNet
– AfricaAdapt
– Connect4Climate
– WeAdapt
– Forum CC

Climate change campaigns in Africa

– Action2015 Africa
– Africa
– ONE Africa
– Zero Carbon Africa

African cities & climate change

– ICLEI Africa
– African Centre for Cities
– C40 Cities

Climate change consultancies & services in Africa

– Climate Neutral Group
– The Carbon Report
– GCX Africa
– Kulima

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