Transforming Urban Infrastructure Through Sustainable Design

An innovative design company in New York has created an urban prototype for charging mobile devices on city streets using solar energy – an idea that could help to transform existing urban infrastructure and enhance social and environmental benefits.

solar charging infrastructure

pensa urban sustainable design

PENSA’s ‘street charge’ concept aims to integrate solar powered charging stations into city infrastructure – providing a source of free energy to urban populations keen to be connected at all times through mobile phones and other gadgets.

Pensa's street charge LED lights from solar

The ‘street charge’ design would use photovoltaic solar cells to charge integrated LED lights which would activate at night and a storage battery that would be used to charge portable devices on demand. The design could integrate with a shelf or bench, creating urban rest stops for people wanting to re-charge.

PENSA street charge solar design

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  1. raspina January 3, 2013 at 4:12 pm #

    very innovative

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