The best of both worlds – conservation and community volunteering

Volunteers to Africa are fast discovering the diversity of programs and experiences that await them on this incredible continent. In realizing that the demand to ‘do it all’ on the part of volunteers has increased, African Impact, the largest Africa-wide volunteer organization has begun launching combo projects that allow volunteers to experience a mix of both conservation and community focused programs.

Best of Both Worlds - AGD copy

African Impact’s projects at Thanda Private Game Reserve in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa include programs which see volunteers assisting with wildlife research, environmental sustainability and conservation efforts. The reserve is flanked by many rural communities where African Impact has established much-needed volunteering programs to assist with pre-school education and support groups. The new combo program allows volunteers to work both on this project and another conservation and research focused program in the reserve.

“What makes our new program a great choice for volunteers is that it gives them the chance to experience the best of both worlds” explains African Impact Business Manager Amanda Warren, who oversees the projects on location at Thanda. “Many of the volunteers that visit Thanda not only come to do community work but also the chance to live on the reserve, surrounded by wildlife. A combo project enhances that by giving them a chance to experience the research and conservation work done on a reserve as well as supporting the local communities that surround Thanda.”

On this project, volunteers split their time between assisting with research based on monitoring and protecting some of Africa’s most majestic and often threatened species, and helping assist schools in rural South African communities in historic Zululand.

Volunteers will be able to feel as though they’ve assisted in a variety of aspects of sustainable development in Africa – from teaching English to adults and assisting in community gardens to removing alien plant life and combating rhino poaching.

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