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New Report Unveils Innovative Approach to Saving Global Oceans

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Concrete actions to mitigate or reverse grave threats to the world’s oceans must begin now said United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF) experts at the launch of a new report on how strengthened markets and policies
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Namibia receives International Policy Award for its Marine Resources Act

microplastics in oceans
Namibia’s Marine Resources Act has won Silver in the 2012 Future Policy Award. The jury stressed that the Act has served to institute an economically and ecologically viable fishing industry in the African country. The 2012 Future Policy
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Northern Mozambique Channel may be Home to the Second Most Diverse Coral Populations on the Planet

Baie D'Ambodi-Vahibe (west-inner), a site on the CI Marine RAP (Rapid Assessment Program) expedition to northeast Madagascar
Researchers announced this month that the results of a decade-long study show that the northern Mozambique Channel has the highest diversity of corals in the central, northern and western Indian Ocean. The researchers found that of 369 coral species
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When is a Marine Protected Area really a Marine Protected Area?

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As concern increases on the state of natural resources and the degradation of the world’s oceans, it is critical to be clear on how countries are progressing with conservation actions for the environment. New guidance issued this week at
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Oceans Aware

A multidimensional organisation uniting world-class marine researchers, graphic designers, conservationists, educators and others keen to preserve oceans.
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Nature Seychelles

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An award-winning conservation NGO in the Western Indian Ocean that leads exciting & change-making programmes including species & habitat conservation, monitoring, research, island restoration, climate change adaptation, eco-tourism, awareness & stakeholder action.
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AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA)

A marine conservation, education and research ngo in Cape Town, South Africa.
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Save Our Seas Foundation

Protecting oceans by funding research, education, awareness and conservation projects focusing on the major threats to the marine environment.
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Marine & Estuarine Research

An ecological consulting company providing specialised services in environmental impact assessment and integrated environmental management - specialized in biomonitoring and research of rivers, estuaries, coastal lakes and the inshore marine environment.
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Associação para Investigação Costeira e Marinha (AICM)

An association for coastal and marine research in Mozambique.
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