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Recognizing Wetlands as Natural Solutions to the Global Water Crisis

TEEB Wetlands
A new report on the Economics of Ecosystem and Biodiversity for Water and Wetlands urges a major shift in our attitudes to wetlands – to recognise their value in delivering water, raw materials and food, essential for life, and
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Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2013 in Africa

Kosi Bay Wetlands
World Wetlands Day is celebrated around the world each year on the 2nd of February through lectures, nature walks, children’s art contests and community cleanup days. World Wetlands Day commemorates the adoption of the international convention on wetlands, the Ramsar
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The Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (ESPA)

A seven year, £40.5 million interdisciplinary research program to ensure that, in developing countries, ecosystems are being sustainably managed in a way that contributes to poverty reduction as well as inclusive and sustainable growth.
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Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF)

A non-profit NGO that aims to promote sustainable development, the conservation of biological diversity and natural ecosystems, and the wise and ethical use of natural resources for the benefit of all Namibians.
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African Biodiversity Network

A network of over 300 concerned Africans who are engaged in promoting biodiversity conservation in Africa.
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Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition

A network of grassroots Maasai organizations working to save culture and, as an expression of that culture, to protect unique land and its wildlife for future generations.
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