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Mozambikes Creates a Sustainable Cycling Culture in Mozambique

Lauren Thomas, co-fondatrice de Mozambikes au Mozambique.
Mozambikes is an innovative new bicycle enterprise in Mozambique, which is championing cycling as form of sustainable mobility – as well as offering companies a unique opportunity to get branded on their mobile ‘bikeboards’. Mozambikes is helping to create
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Egyptcarpoolers.com is an online platform for car pooling (lift sharing) in Egypt.
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Zambikes wins international sustainable mobility award

Zambikes have won the international Mobiprize – an annual award for entrepreneurial ventures in sustainable transportation. Selected from over 80 entries, the judges chose Zambikes as one of 3 winning enterprises that best demonstrates sustainability, connectivity, mobility, scalability, equity, 
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A social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes high quality bicycles, bicycle ambulances and cargo bicycle trailers in Zambia.
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Ride Your City

A blog about efficient, equitable, low carbon mobility in South Africa and beyond.
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An international online platform that aims to improve the sustainable transport community's access to reliable and current data about the BRT and bus corridors currently in operation.
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African Bicycle Network

An online knowledge and capacity building network of bicycle empowerment to improve the quality of life of people in Africa through non-motorised transport.
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A social media WebTV portal launched by Alternative Channel, in collaboration with Renault Eco², to promote green mobility solutions.
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Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport

SLoCaT is an international partnership that improves the knowledge on sustainable low carbon transport, helps develop better policies and catalyze their implementation.
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Share the Road

A UNEP initiative, developed with the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society, that brings together the environment and safety agendas in the context of urban transport.
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