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Mozambikes Creates a Sustainable Cycling Culture in Mozambique

Lauren Thomas, co-fondatrice de Mozambikes au Mozambique.
Mozambikes is an innovative new bicycle enterprise in Mozambique, which is championing cycling as form of sustainable mobility – as well as offering companies a unique opportunity to get branded on their mobile ‘bikeboards’. Mozambikes is helping to create
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Qhubeka projects aim to help rural communities move forward and progress by giving bicycles to children in return for work done to improve their environment and their community.
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Tour d’Afrique

A Toronto based company named for its flagship cycling tour that annually traverses the African continent from Cairo to Cape Town covering almost 12,000 km in four months.
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A social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes high quality bicycles, bicycle ambulances and cargo bicycle trailers in Zambia.
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Cape Town Bicycle Map

Large format, folded print maps of Cape Town bicycle routes, lanes, parking, bicycle friendly venues and more - developed to encourage more people to ride as a mode of transport.
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A Kenyan NGO founded by Kenya's number one professional cyclist, David Kinjah, to train & coach cyclists and offering cycling safaris.
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Bicycle Sponsorship Project & Workshop

A NGO registered in Uganda that aims to match donations for bicycles with people in Africa needing bicycles.
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African Bicycle Network

An online knowledge and capacity building network of bicycle empowerment to improve the quality of life of people in Africa through non-motorised transport.
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CooP Africa

Cycling out of Poverty supports small entrepreneurs (Bike4Work), students (Bike4School) and health workers (Bike4Care) in Africa by giving access to bicycles through micro credit.
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First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO)

Uganda based NGO that believes in utilizing non-motorized transport as a vital tool for sustainable development.
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