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sustainable transport

Sekilas mengenai permainan judi Poker online tentu sudah banyak orang yang mengenal dengan baik permainan satu ini. Pemainan yang dilakukan disebuah meja dengan 6 – 8 pemain dan satu pemain berperan sebagai seorang bandar, maka tidak salah kalau permainan judi …

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A global partnership program that takes on climate change by promoting solutions and empowering people to act.
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The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA)

A partnership of international NGOs and research institutes seeking to promote integrated solutions to land management around the world.
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WSP Environment & Energy

A global consultancy specialising in environmental, sustainability, energy and health & safety issues.
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CERA (Carbon Emission Reduction Association)

CERA - Carbon Emission Reduction Association - was created to provide solutions for organisations seeking guidance on renewable energy, and sustainability.
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Network of Climate Journalists in the Greater Horn of Africa (NECJOGHA)

Organization aimed at promoting and coordinating the transmission of climate-related information in Somalia.
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Association of Environmental Journalists in Malawi (AEJ)

An environmental journalism association in Malawi.
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Zimbabwe Environmental Journalists Association (ZEJA)

An environmental journalism organization in Zimbabwe that unites journalists writing about environmental and development issues.
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Gnu Landscapes

A research project called "Wildebeest Forage Acquisition in Fragmented Landscapes Under Variable Climates" being carried out in 3 sites across Kenya.
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