The Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment

Dubai Award

Application deadline: 31 August 2017
Website/apply: The Dubai International Award for Best Practices

Description: The Dubai Award was established in 1995 under the directive of late Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, during the United Nations International Conference that convened in Dubai between 19 – 22 November 1995 when 914 participants from 95 countries met in Dubai to recognize best practices with positive impact on improving the living environment. Since that time and up until today, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the U.A.E. and the Ruler of Dubai and H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and Industry and Chairman of Dubai Municipality have continued to support this Award.

The Award reflects the policy and commitment of Dubai Government and the United Arab Emirates towards sustainable development of human settlements and protection of the environment on the basis of mutual international cooperation.

Over the years of recognizing excellence and supporting urban best practices, the Dubai Municipality and UN-Habitat presented the Dubai International Award for Best Practices as a mean to Improve the Living Environment.

The award this year comes at a critical time. With the New Urban Agenda being signed in October 2016, this is a distinct opportunity to show case the most effective interventions for improving the lives of urban residents around the globe.

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 11 – from the New Urban Agenda which emphasis on making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable – the Best Practice Award recognizes significant contributions which:

  • Have a demonstrable and tangible impact on improving people’s quality of life.
  • Are the result of effective partnerships between the public, private and civic sectors of society.
  • Are socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable.

In addition, the award reflects the policy and commitment of the United Arab Emirates Government towards the sustainable development of human settlements and the protection of the environment.

Working closely with UN-Habitat, the award represents the importance of strong and coherent partnerships in implementing the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goal 11 in this agenda, and delivering socially, economically and environmentally sustainable cities for all.

We recognize that the realization of the transformative commitments set out in the New Urban Agenda will require enabling policy frameworks at the national, subnational and local levels, integrated by participatory planning and management of urban spatial development, and effective means of implementation, complemented by international cooperation as well as efforts in capacity development, including the sharing of best practices, policies and programmes among governments at all levels.

The award is open to all sectors: national and regional governments, local authorities and their associations, non-governmental organizations, multilateral agencies, community based organizations, research and academic institutions, public and private foundations, media entities and individuals.

There are 5 categories of entries available for submission in the award as per the following:

Best Practice Award

  • 1.1 Best Practice Award for National Urban Policies
  • 1.2 Best Practice Award for Participatory Slum Upgrading

2. Best Practices Transfer Awards

  • 2.1. Best Practice Transfer Award in Local Implementation – Urban redevelopment, and redesign of urban spaces
  • 2.2 Best Practice Transfer Award in Monitoring Mechanisms for the New Urban Agenda and the Urban SDGs

3. Private Sector Award for contribution to territorial planning, urban planning and design

4. Personal Award – for contribution to urban economy and municipal finance

5. University Research Award on Legislation, Rules, Regulations & Governance Systems