South Africa’s First Carpool Week: Is Anyone Going My Way?

FindaLift is organizing South Africa’s first Carpool Week from 7 to 11 October 2013, with the theme ‘is anyone going my way?’.

South Africa's First Carpool Week


According to FindaLift, private vehicles are the most common source of transport in South Africa for individuals travelling to work. Most of these journeys are made by single-occupant vehicles. Many people share the same commuting times and routes, so there is big potential for lifts to be shared.

Sharing transport resources can not only help to save money, but can also help reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with transport pollution and the use of fossil fuels. According to FindaLift, through sharing a daily round-tip journey of 50km with one other person over a period of one year, can result in savings of over R7000 (fuel plus wear and tear) and reduce almost 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Carpool Week therefore aims to raise awareness of the social and environmental benefits of carpooling and to encourage people across the country to start carpooling through sharing experiences and best practice tips. South African’s are encouraged to join the discussion on social media and to see if anyone is going their way during South Africa’s first Carpool Week. Visit for more information on how to participate, win prizes and help plant more trees.

FindaLift, South Africa’s first ridesharing software and services provider, has created business solutions to help organisations, municipalities and communities to set-up, implement and sustain their own private and fully automated journey-matching systems to encourage and enable ridesharing and more sustainable mobility.

FindaLift was founded in 2008 and already has 8000 members who have shared 40 000 journeys which amounts to an estimated savings of 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide savings. Find out more about FindaLift and how you can carpool in your area here.

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