South Africa Celebrates 1st Fairtrade Coffee & Chocolate Week

Fairtrade Label South Africa has launched South Africa’s first Fairtrade Coffee & Chocolate Week from 14 – 20 July, challenging consumers and companies to opt  for Fairtrade coffee and chocolate.

Fairtrade Coffee Choc Week South Africa

“Having switched to using Fairtrade coffee in my restaurants, I am proud to say that I have taken the ultimate Fairtrade Challenge. I challenge all South African businesses to do the same” Reuben Riffel, celebrity chef and Fairtrade Brand Ambassador.

Reasons to buy Fairtrade coffee and chocolate

Coffee is the world’s second largest traded commodity with billions of cups being drunk every day around the world. Coffee is grown, processed and traded globally and this provides employment for millions of people and is an important part of many economies. Fairtrade certification for coffee means that small-scale coffee farmers to not only get a fair price for their coffee beans, but they also earn a Fairtrade Development Premium of US$0,20/pound of green coffee sold that they can invest in their business and community.

Where to buy Fairtrade coffee in South Africa

Fairtrade coffee is fast becoming a trend in South Africa and the range of Fairtrade coffees available now includes not only filter coffee, but a wide range of espresso blends, instant coffees and capsules for coffee machines. Here’s a list of Fairtrade coffees that are currently available in South Africa.

How to get involved in Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate Week

Fairtrade Label South Africa is asking consumers to use social media to get involved in showing their support for Fairtrade products and to raise awarness and challenge others to switch to fairtrade coffee and chocolate.

If you’re on Twitter, you can #FairtradeChallenge your favourite restaurant, hotel, coffee shop or company to switch to Fairtrade coffee. Follow Fairtrade Label Africa on Twitter for news and updates. You can also participate in the challenge on their Facebook page.

Fairtrade Label South Africa will also be giving away daily prizes which include fairtrade product hampers.

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