Solar Boat Visits Morocco to Support use of Renewable Energy

PlanetSolar is a boat that has travelled the world using exclusively solar energy to show that we have the resources, the knowledge and technologies required to reduce our dependence on fossil energy. PlanetSolar is currently in Atalayoun, in the Marchica lagoon of Morocco – showing the Moroccan authorities’ desire to promote the use of renewable energies within the framework of a comprehensive development plan for the Marchica lagoon.

PlanetSolar Morocco


Over the course of a week, the catamaran will serve as the central hub for events meant to showcase the progress of this large project. The stopover will also be an opportunity for PlanetSolar to announce her partnership with the agency in charge of the site’s development – MarchicaMed. In fact, PlanetSolar will manage a pilot project that aims to power the Marchica harbor master’s office completely autonomously and without CO2 emissions. Moreover, MarchicaMed is interested in PlanetSolar’s experience and expertise, as they would like to use a fleet of electro-solar boats for lagoon transportation.

“The first days at sea were rather difficult, with headwinds in high maritime traffic areas such as the English Channel. Fortunately, the weather conditions gradually improved, enabling us to reach speeds of up to 10 knots. We are honored by this invitation and are delighted to participate in the celebration of this beautiful lagoon,” says Gérard d’Aboville, captain of the ship.

Solar boatThe catamaran’s stopover in this area is part of an ambitious development plan of the Marchica lagoon site, started in 2008. The project aims to galvanize the region while protecting and highlighting the lagoon’s natural resources and promoting renewable energies. The ship is therefore coming to pass along her positive message about the efficiency of photovoltaic energy and its many applications.

The catamaran will stop in the Kingdom of Morocco for about two weeks. Then she will sail towards Monaco to participate in the “Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup” solar boat race, as jury host. The ship will then dash off to Greek waters, and again become a scientific platform for the University of Geneva, this time to study submerged prehistoric landscapes during the “TerraSubmersa” expedition.

Since the success of the world tour, PlanetSolar has put this vision into practice and now operates the solar vessel for practical purposes. As both a communication, scientific or even educational platform, the vessel is now moving beyond her role as mobile ambassador for photovoltaic energy and is becoming a multifunctional tool just like the “Swiss army knife”!

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