Philips Africa Innovation Hub launched in Nairobi

The Africa Innovation Hub in Nairobi, Kenya, has been launched by Philips to work both on the creation of new inventions, as well as bringing these inventions to the market.

Philips Africa Innovation Hub

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The Philips Africa Innovation Hub will do application-focused scientific and user studies to address key challenges like improving access to lighting and affordable healthcare as well as developing innovations to meet the aspirational needs of the rising middle class in Africa.

The Philips Africa Innovation Hub aims to enhance people’s lives through meaningful innovations in Africa and will kick-off with ventures that are under development as well as in the pilot phase; these include a smokeless cookstoves and consumer solar solutions.

Philips has designed and is manufacturing an innovative clean cookstove to improve the lives of those who rely on wood or biomass for their daily cooking. These stoves are designed to be efficient and significantly reduce the use of wood as fuel. According to Philips, the cook stove can reduce smoke and carbon monoxide emissions by more than 90% compared to an open fire, thus reducing the health risks of indoor cooking. The contribution of the innovation hub is to create new go-to-market models for these stoves.

The consumer solar solutions that the Innovation Hub is working on, aims to address the millions of Africans who live without access to electricity and lighting. The Innovation hub is designing and developing new consumer products using the combination of solar power and energy efficient LED technology. New go-to-market models are also being established to ensure these solutions become accessible to people that would not be able to afford them otherwise.

JJ van Dongen, Senior Vice President & CEO Philips Africa states: “Philips is passionate to invent, apply technology and partner to help people succeed. Our ambition is to create impactful innovations that matter to people and address the key challenges that confront society. With Kenya as a leader in the continent in science and entrepreneurship as well as a hub of collaboration on technology and innovation, Nairobi, is the ideal location to establish Philips’ African research presence. We want to tap into the city’s vibrant R&D eco-system and contribute to the process of co-creating new solutions, new business models and meaningful partnerships to provide innovations that make an impact.” 

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