My Green Home: Ngewana family change their home to help change the world

The Ngewana family in South Africa have just launched their public journey of greening their home and lifestyle by taking on the ‘My Green Home‘ challenge and committing to creating a greener home and lifestyle, and encouraging others to join them. The aim of the My Green Home challenge is to show the positive impact one family can have by living a more energy efficient and environmentally-conscious lifestyles.

My Green Home challenge_GBCSA

The Ngewana family. Photo: Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).


The My Green Home challenge is an initiative led by the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA), with main co-funding from the German government through the South African-German Energy Programme (SAGEN) as part of the bilateral cooperation between South Africa and Germany. It is also supported by the 49M campaign and the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) as well as a range of product sponsors, partner organisations and collaborators.

The Ngewana family will share their journey through the My Green Home website which tracks how they address energy effiiciency, water use, waste minimisation and other green-related issues. The family aim to save 15% on electricity use for the first ‘behavior change’ phase in April, and 40% by July, and to drop consumption into a lower electricity tariff category. They also plan to achieve a 20% water reduction (to  36 kl per month), to recycle 75% of their waste, and to have at least 50% of their cleaning products being ‘eco-friendly’.

Bulelwa Ngewana, the mother of the family says: “We’ve always had good intentions, but haven’t been sure about where to start. So we’re taking on the MyGreenHome challenge, and we’ll be getting help with training and a sponsored green ‘makeover’.”The Ngewanas are improving their habits and will install energy-efficiency and green equipment, to show others how to save money by going green.

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