Mozambikes Changes Lives of 5 Women through Bicycle Donations

Mozambikes is a social venture based in Maputo, Mozambique changing lives by providing higher quality bicycles to low-income, rural Mozambicans. 

Each bicycle donation is an emotional event, as the bicycle is a powerful agent for change in these communities. Meet five amazing women who received Mozambikes last month and hear the stories about how this bicycle will radically change the lives of them, their families and the community around them. 

Make a donation to Mozambikes or contact us to get involved! 

Mozambikes bicycle donation Mozambique_esther-massaca

Esther, Massaca


With her bicycle, Esther reaches her plot in only 30 minutes and spends the extra time using her bicycle to collect water to improve the yields of her crops. Instead of walking another hour to reach the market, she arrives in 20 minutes and has more time to sell. Taking advantage of the increases in time and weight can translate into higher daily incomes. 

With a smile on her face, she tells us that her life has not been easy, but that she is prepared for the hardships that can take place, and will continue to work to ensure that her children have many opportunities.

We hope that her new Mozambike helps her to achieve her dreams! 

Mozambikes bicycle donation Mozambique_nora-umpala1

Nora, Umpala


With a bicycle, Nora could reduce the time that it takes her to walk to the machamba, and take advantage of more time to go to markets closer to the city where there is a greater probability of selling.

She ran the numbers in her head and tells us ”I could transport 3 mats instead of 1, carry an extra 5 kilos of tomato and carry 5 kilos of beans instead of only 3.”

Nora can now earn as much money in one day with a bicycle as she earned in 3-4 days without having a bicycle. “I know that with a bicycle, I can sell more and make more money, which would be great for my family and for the entire community,” she says as she smiles. 

Mozambikes bicycle donation Mozambique_noemia-mahubo

Noémia, Mahubo


In her day-to-day work, she takes 2 hours to arrive at her farming plot since Mahubo is particularly remote. She produces squash, tomatoes and carrots, though tell us that in this season – the winter time in Mozambique – the plants yield very little since it doesn’t rain much and is difficult to find water to irrigate the crops.

She survives in the dry season by selling firewood, which she carries approximately 10 kms on her head. She tries to sell along the road closest to her machamba, but the road has little traffic. With a bicycle, she could sell it along a road with less people also selling, or more interested people. Moreover, it grows dark here around 5pm and so Noémia must stop working early in order to be home by dark. 

Following this, her Mozambike will reduce the time she spends walking, offer new opportunities for selling and a means to study at night, as she will no longer feel vulnerable traveling alone while riding along on her new bicycle. 

Mozambikes bicycle donation Mozambique_elsa torneira

Elsa, Mahelane


Elsa walks 10 km every day to her small farming plot, spending 1.5 hours to arrive. She produces tomato, cassava, carrots, cabbage and lettuce. She tells us that she would love to sell more of her crops in the road, particularly at the crossing of the town Boane with the area of Namaacha, but by foot this location is much too far away for her. 

A bicycle enables her to reduce her daily commute by nearly 2 hours, carry an additional 5 kilos of crops, sell in more strategic zones, and therefore increase her daily income. She has not had any assistance since her husband disappeared a few months ago. Her children attend school during the day and she is the only source of income for them. Elsa was the only one of the women during this donation with experience riding a bicycle, and therefore she immediately began to take advantage of her bicycle to improve the quality of life for herself and those around her. 

Mozambikes bicycle donation Mozambique_gloria-bairro-novo

Gloria, Bairro Novo


Her farming plot is considered nearby, though it takes her 1.5 hours to arrive by foot.

“Is that a lot of time”, she asks us, forcing us to look down, ashamed to admit that we often drive to places a few kilometers away. “Here we live day to day”, she says. The hardest part, she says that “hurts her heart” is when her children are hungry.

With the bicycle she will change her daily opportunities and be able to provide more for them.

Mozambikes was thrilled to give a bicycle to Gloria to contribute to this change. And we still have a lot of lives left to change!! 



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