Mobile Journalists Cycle across Africa to Showcase Sustainability Solutions

Three intrepid mobile journalists will embark on a 14,000km cycle expedition across Africa this week, to showcase sustainability solutions through mobile video journalism documentaries. The Mojo Velo project team – Steven Bland and brothers Russell and Hamish Galt – will be cycling from Cape Town to Addis Ababa over the next 10 months in search of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their communities and planet to feature in their series of short documentary films.

Cycling unsupported across Africa, carrying all their equipment on their bikes, the Mojo Velo project team will be using iPhone technology to demonstrate the power of mobile video journalism. They aim to capture stories of innovative sustainability solutions that are being used at grassroots levels and by social entrepreneurs that address challenges related to water, energy, food and climate change.

The MoJo Velo project aims to promote the continents’ innovation, ingenuity and resilience while traveling through South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. Potential stories identified so far include the 19,000 strong small-scale organic farmers’ movement in Zimbabwe and female entrepreneurs using recycled materials to build an innovative design and décor business in Namibia. 

The project will also showcase the highs and lows of remote cycle touring and has been nominated alongside 14 other projects for the Millet Expedition Award – a prestigious award for innovative adventures. The public are invited to vote for MoJo Velo on the Millet Voting Page and to join the MoJo Velo Thunderclap

The team depart on 9 April at 10.00am from Woodstock Cycle Works on Searle Street in Cape Town and are inviting people to join them there for a farewell and in cycling for their first day to Ganzekraal, 60km north of Cape Town (RSVP to the Facebook event to attend).

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